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ISA (Israel Securities Authority)

State of Israel
Dtcom has developed an electronic filing system for the ISA, to allow electronic filing processes in place of paper-based filing.


  • Multiple documents in multiple formats (word, excel etc..).
  • Maintain the authenticity and integrity of the filling.
  • Streamline the filing process.

Dtcom’s Solution

A PDF-based solution was needed in order to consolidate documents in different formats into a single filing document. Dtcom has developed a special workflow that streamlines the entire process, from the creation of the PDF to the filing itself.

A special digital signature mechanism was developed to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the filing, as well as the identity of the filing party. Only filings that include this special signature are accepted by the ISA. Existing documents can be consolidated in a special workflow to include the signature for filing.

The project was a tremendous success and to date XX% of the filings are done digitally using this system.

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