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Enterprises strive to synergize documents, people and processes to improve customer satisfaction. High-quality outbound communications must be personalized and delivered in a format that suits customer needs. In addition, costs escalate with custom programming or preprinted forms. These and other considerations drive the adoption of sophisticated digital solutions for inbound and outbound communications by enterprises.

Simplify Processes, Increase Productivity

With Form-IT!, The production of personalized outbound communications can be automated. After setting up the PDF-based template, all you have to do is simply map the fields from the template to the database (or excel) and you are ready to go. You can also use Form-IT! to send the communications via email. Form-IT! can use your email lists or database to send the output automatically. You can use Form-IT! to produce and send personalized letters, reports, invoices, newsletters and more.

Inbound communications are often very sensitive. Whether it’s a new customer filling out an enrollment form or a supplier filling out a purchase order, security features are very important. With Form-IT! you can add security features to the documents, ensuring their authenticity and the integrity.

Multi Lingual Support

With its Unicode support Form-IT! supports all languages including non-roman. Form-IT! includes a special engine to support Right to left languages like Hebrew and Arabic.

Form-IT! across the organization

Form-IT! can be used by different departments in the organization. The finance department for example, can produce invoices, reports, financial forms and personalized letters. The sales and marketing department can produce personalized proposals, send newsletters or other direct mailing campaigns and more.

Full text search archive

Enterprises often scan their forms and then store them in a digital archive. Meta data is then added to every single form to make them searchable. With Form-It! there is no need for scanning and the forms can be searched in full text. In essence you save the cost of scanning, of adding meta data and on top of it all your forms are more searchable.

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