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Government agencies around the world face the need to capture accurate data from citizens every day; streamline workflows that involve people within and outside the agency; collaborate more effectively and seamlessly across agencies; and deliver information to constituents more efficiently. Government processes are driven by documents and forms, from citizen communications to requests for services and business compliance. Today, citizens expect better service from government agencies. They expect to receive online services, expect to have digital records of their fillings and more.

Governments wishing to create digital form workflows have the following requirements:

  • User friendliness and familiarity: The users are used to filling paper-based forms that were specifically designed with user friendliness in mind. Colors, borders and lines all help fill the often complex forms.

  • Authenticity and integrity: The paper-based forms are filled in front of a government representative. This ensures the identification of the person. A hand-written signature on this paper-based form ensures authentication. Digital forms are often filled away from the government representative and require a solution that enables to certify documents and maintain their integrity once they are filled.

  • Interface with legacy systems: The forms have to be integrated with legacy and core business systems for interactive and integrated information and service delivery.

  • Digital archiving: Forms should be digitally archived. Scanning forms is costly and redundant and therefore a solution that can support full text search and does not require scanning is preferable.

The Form-IT! Solution

Government agencies have identified the benefits of using PDF as a form-filling solution. Users fill the forms on PDF, enjoying the familiarity of the form as opposed to HTML-based forms that lack the original layout and structure of the official forms. Form-IT! has taken this process a step forward.

  • Pre-filled forms: Forms can be pre-filled with the basic information that is available in the legacy system (or a separate database).

  • Forms are stored in their original format: The forms themselves are not only displayed to the user in the original format. They are also stored that way. This contributes to the authenticity and integrity of the filled form. The form itself can be retrieved from the archive in its original format.

  • Digital archive: The filled forms are stored in a special archive. Just like in a paper-based or scanned archive, the forms are kept in their original format. However, unlike traditional archives, this solution allows full text search and linkage to other legacy information.

  • XML Support: Form-IT! supports XML as input and output. The data that is input can be in XML format and during the creation of the output this XML information can be embedded in the PDF file.

  • Multi Lingual Support: With its Unicode support Form-IT! supports all languages including non-roman. Form-IT! includes a special engine to support Right to left languages like Hebrew and Arabic.

  • Adobe Reader Extensions Server: Form-IT! can easily integrate with Adobe Reader Extensions Server to allow some Adobe Acrobat functionality in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

With Form-IT!, citizens will be able to receive official government documents electronically. These documents can then be sent by email to third parties, stored in a personal archive etc.

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